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Saturday, June 30, 2012

We had a great trip and look forward to visiting all of our friends again.  We were out seeking stones, crystals and minerals from Carlsbad, New Mexico (Carlsbad Mineral Show), up through Cloudcroft and Alamogordo to Socorro, New Mexico (New Mexico Tech), then to Taos, New Mexico (Taos Rockers), up to Colorado Springs (Tom Johnston, Tom cuts many of the stones I sell if you are in the Springs please visit his shop The Mineral Adit) then on to a few days in the Montana wilderness then home by way of Rapid City and all the great rockshops there.  I look forward to showing you some great stones this summer.  Well here are the rest of the pics from the trip:
1) Tom schooling me in cabochons
2)Montana's largest smoky quartz crystal
3) Lunch fit for miners
4) John eating his Cornish miner's pocket sandwich, a Butte, Montana culinary delight
5) Morning Walk flower on path
6) I ask again, where are these Clarendon, Texas aragonites coming from
7) World's largest sand calcite specimen from South Dakota

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