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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Acquiring minerals

Photo is an Arizona azurite malachite available in the shop

I am going to ignore purchases made strictly for resale. That would be a business plan discussion which is not the point of this blog

As you become more intertwined in the mineral world you will develop a network of collectors you with whom you associate. There may come a time when one of those collectors for their own reasons decides to sell their collection. Or you may come across a classified ad on the web or in one of the mineral publications.

The most common reason a collector sells is either to upgrade or a change of focus. Of course common travails may also be a factor.

Bring your largest vehicle stocked with wrapping and boxes. Just leave the packing materials in your truck, this is just a precaution. Sometimes the deal is struck quickly and the person wants you to move on it quickly.

Now that you are in the house please be respectful. Let the person walk you through the collection. You may be inclined to get down to business but you will learn a lot from these introductory sessions. Do not, I repeat, do not start criticizing the collection. You are not there to critique or appraise. You are there to make an assessment and offer. So you have spent a respectable time being introduced to the collection. Politely ask what is the price? It would be nice if everyone had a price in mind but actually it is quite uncommon. They will then ask what you think it is worth. Instead of making any rash statements say instead if you could give me some time to privately consider the collection then I can come up with an assessment.

When reviewing the collection take notes. Remember you may not be taking the collection that day. It may be weeks before you make the purchase and you will need to refer to those notes. Include in the notes your assessments especially of the top 10%. You will need to discuss beforehand the physical handling of specimens. If you are given permission please use your best judgement. These are not yet your minerals

I will leave it here tonight and try to finish early next week. Thank you for stopping by and please do visit my Etsy shop

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