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Friday, October 19, 2012

Hemimorphite and Vesuvianite available later this weekend in the shop,

So how do I go about pricing minerals.  Truthfully some minerals are so abundant and easily obtained they are a commodity.  Pricing for those when they are abundant is basically by the pound.  A dealer will negotiate the lot price based on the overall weight and grade of the mineral.  Brazilian amethyst is an example of this type of pricing.  There are different grades of Brazilian amethyst based on color, crystal size and perfection.  Each grade has a price per pound.  Of course the most expensive would be a deep purple amethyst with large size crystals that have the luster and clarity sought after by both the jewelry and mineral markets.

Recently there has been a bit of an amethyst craze developing in China.  This is driving up the price of amethyst.  At both Tucson and Denver this year there was a noticeable lack of Brazilian amethyst of collector or jewelry quality.

When I resell these abundant minerals it is strictly by a formula which considers the cost of doing business.  Unless it is an exceptional example there will be no premium built into the cost.  In minerals, as in jewelry, you definitely pay to have the "pretty one".

We are hosting the Mountainview College Geology club this afternoon, so more on this later.

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