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Friday, April 20, 2012

Bixbyite from the Maynard Pit, Thomas Range, near Delta, Utah.  I dug this one a number of years ago. I was in Utah by invitation of the claim owners.  This one sits on the pseudomorphs of hematite after garnet.

Maynard Bixby is credited with the first discovery of the red beryls of Utah and originally they were called Bixbite in his honor.  Later scientific investigation determined the Bixbites were only a variety of Beryl not a separate mineral.  Bixbyite was discovered in Utah and was named in Bixby's honor.  Bixbyite is a rare mineral and form shiny black perfect cubes.

You still can collect at Topaz Mountain. If you plan ahead and contact one of the guide services in Delta you may be able to plan a dig to some more productive claims in the Thomas Range.  Start by contacting West Desert Rock Shop in Delta and they can point you in the right direction.  While you are in Delta be sure to visit the rock shop.

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Rocks and Minerals - Utah Geological Survey

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