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Sunday, April 8, 2012

This is a Mina Ojuela Aurichalcite.   Ojuela  Mine has been produced for 400 years mainly for the metals copper, lead and silver.  In the past century a wide variety of common and rare collectible minerals have come from Ojuela.  There are many more "important minerals" such as legrandite, adamite and scorodite from Ojuela but there are also beautiful examples of more common minerals like this aurichalcite.  You can have an large and significant collection just collecting the minerals from Mina Ojuela.

You can read an article detailing the history and exploration of Mina Ojuela by Tom Moore of the Mineralogical Record here: The Ojuela mine: Mapimi, Durango, Mexico.(famous mineral ...

Mineralogical Record is one of the leading popular periodicals for the mineral collector.  I would also recommend Rocks and Minerals, Rock and Gem.
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