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Monday, April 23, 2012

Calcite.  A Calcite Scepter from Russia and a Calcite included with Boulangerite from Romania

So how do you decide what to include in your collection.  I am a collector who enjoys the pursuit, the treasure hunt.    I attend so many shows as a dealer and as a wholesale buyer I needed to develop a strategy to develop my own collection.  I decided on thumbnails and even though there are fewer and fewer good thumbnail dealers out there my collection still was overflowing with minerals I had only purchased because they were available.  Now I focus.  I will consider all thumbnail minerals but I pursue an agenda until I have filled that space.  Currently I am collecting quartz from US locations.  I have been pursuing that goal for about 2 years.  Another strategy is to only purchase interesting examples of common minerals. So here we have two calcites - my scepter and my space ship.

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